New Limited Edition Trollbead

New Limited Edition Trollbeads Collection

New Limited Edition Trollbeads collection at Sarah Beth.

If you have been waiting for some great new beads to feast your eyes on, the time has come. The new sunshine Vibes collection, all created with the wonders of the ocean in mind.

The new inspired glass range include Jolly Jellyfish, Savvy Salmon, Coveted Corals, Oozing Octopus, Steady Starfish, Curious Clams.

Imagine …

The golden rays cascade over the shore, kissing your skin and wrapping you in its comforting warmth.

They beckon you to marvel below the crystal waters , where seaweed sway, starfish and coral dance, and dolphins sing. Lay on the warm sand. Feel the oceans breath as waves rise and fall.

Listen to the gentle lullaby in the soft breeze. here we reminisce about the past and dream of memories still yet to come.’


Take a look at the new Limited Edition Trollbeads Collection

trollbeads sandcastle summer vibes collection  

Summer Vibes Sandcastle

Limited edition beads as their title implies are produced in less numbers, so if you fall in love with any now is the time to add them to your collection.

The Trollbead story started in Denmark in 1976, when they created their  first silver bead. Since then, then collection has grown into an fabulous set of personalised jewellery including bracelets, charms and beads, bangles and more.

This lovely jewellery collection allows the wearer to build a collection that reflects their personality because everyone has a their own story that in turn creates  a unique individuality.


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