Murano Glass Jewellery Necklace

Murano Glass Jewellery


Murano Glass Jewellery

Mia Elizabeth Jewellery collection of Genuine Murano Glass Jewellery is sold exclusively at Sarah Beth Jewellers in Rochford. 

Handmade using traditional methods from studios in Italy. Created by local Artists often taught by the master glass makers on the island of Murano and Venice.

Mia Elizabeth Jewellery is takes its influence from the colours of Venice and its rich elegance. Inspired by the faded exteriors of centuries old buildings that hold the secrets of another era. The buildings where women were dressed in beautiful velvet’s, silks and sparkling jewels.

Mia Elizabeth’s jewellery’s aim is to offer collections of beautiful unique collections of jewellery. Using hand made Italian Murano glass perfected over centuries.

Famous for its purity Murano glass jewellery has a deep jewel like quality that looks wonderful against the skin. Often with added Swarovski crystals then, finished with sterling silver.

The History of Murano Glass 

Murano glass jewellery, mirrors and sculpture, according to historians began its life in Rome. The original glass furnaces discovered in Venice date back to the 8th century.

There are documents about Venice that state that by the 1200’s it is  emerging as a significant glass manufacturer, providing the city’s largest industry.  Producing a large collection of glass objects from sculpture to Jewellery.

As glass production grew in the city, there was concern that all the wooden buildings being used by the artists may catch fire and cause terrible damage. So in 1291 the government of Venice decided to move the furnaces used for the production of glass to the island of Murano, in order to reduce this risk.

This was the beginning of a long history in the Venetian island of Murano. Indeed developing a renowned reputation for the worlds finest creators of sculpture and glass jewellery.

Glass artists working on the island of Murano were  many privileges including protection from prosecution. As well as allowing talented Murano Glass makers Daughters to marry into wealthy Venetian families.

For these glass makers the leaving the venetian lagoon meant the risk of death in exchange for these rewards.



Thoughts and memories of a visit to Venice

There is something about Venice that inspires a passion and a feeling different to any other city I have visited. This city once in your soul remains to haunt you until you return.

It is like a mysterious and beautiful creature, it has its own personality, intense, rich, and elegant. Around every corner at the end of every narrow alley way the promise of a vision you will see nowhere else on earth.

Silent beauty early in the morning majestic buildings like royal crowns rising out of the turquoise lagoon bathed in gentle sunlight.

During the day, a ‘hub bub’ of noise excitement coffee bars and people, busy people. The labyrinth of canals like the veins of the city threading through every corner. Transporting, moving, carrying and driving it on, Its very life blood.

Then as the day draws to a close, it has a gentle calmness about it. As the evening sun lies across the grand canal like a golden wrap. Its protects the city fleetingly from the darkness of night.

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