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Trollbeads Summer 2016 Release – Pre-order Now!

The summer launch consists of 5 beads:

1) Limited Edition Deep Ocean bead – £60.00
2) Flip-Flops Silver Bead – £25.00
3) Flippers Silver Bead – £25.00
4) Power Runners Silver Bead – £25.00
5) Fish Lock – £45.00

There are only 700 of the Deep Ocean beads in the UK, pre-order now to avoid disappointment!


Trollebeads Mother’s Day 2016 “Pink Delight” Facet

The Trollbeads Mother’s Day 2016 release has three parts. As we would have expected, a Limited Edition bead has been created called the “Pink Delight” which is a delicate faceted bead, ranging from hot pinks to lilac hues. The other parts of the release is the Rosa Pearl fantasy necklace, and an Apple Blossom pendant piece.

LIMTED EDITION Pink Delight Facet – £45.00 – SHOP HERE


Pink Delight Facet - Bangle