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Sarah Beth Jewellers Anniversary


September is the anniversary of Sarah Beth Jewellers new home in Rochford Essex. Four years ago we moved from the Royals in Southend to Rochford town square.

The high street in Southend was changing and the high costs were not in keeping with those changes.

So Rochford town centre became Sarah Beth Jewellers new home, so….. was it a good decision absolutely it was.

Nestled in the square amongst other great businesses like the butchers. J Mac Meats. The card shop  Miss Daisy Home Plus 2, The Flower Basket in West St and many others.

Not forgetting of course the market on a Tuesday a regular place to shop for many.

All of which offer great shopping and services.

It was tough for a while as it always is when you move a business but with clear goals to serve the local people and an online business. We are pleased to say even in these uncertain times we are coping well.

Our Customers

The service received very well locally was and still is, are Jewellery repairs. These are carried out by a very skilled goldsmith.

It seems the lovely people of Rochford and surrounding areas have lots of lovely treasure’s tucked away in jewellery boxes. That have a wealth of sentimental value that they hold dear to their hearts.

Batteries changed while you wait always receive great comments on Facebook

New Stock

We are now able to bring lots more choice to our offer of beautiful Jewellery and watches. These include Casio and a larger range of Citizen watches, together with a fab collection of new pieces.  One of which is featured in the previous link.

Space is of a premium in store so that means there are lots of things tucked away. Especially some beautiful rings, with stunning gemstones set in them.

So don’t forget to ask we are always happy to get them out for you to view even if you are not ready to buy just yet.


When you come into store you will generally meet Steve or Alan our very experienced Jewellers (with over 60 years in Jewellery between them) always ready to answer your queries and help with the best choices.

Julie fondly known as the Facebook Queen (as Alan calls her), is generally taping away at the back, supporting the online arm of the business.

Then last but most definitely not least Lynn, who helps in store with her background of over 35 years in the jewellery trade.  She also has the never ending job of keeping all the jewels sparkly and shining.

Happy Days here’s to Sarah Beth and her great loyal customers and a future life in Rochford.






Trollbead Uniques with Scroll design

TrollBeads Uniques From Sarah Beth

Trollbeads Uniques

We have new Trollbeads Uniques in stock.

The lovely clear glass bead in the picture and video is  made with Murano glass – Hence its intense colour. Decorated with pale green grey scrolls on a deep blue colour. Browse our large selection of Trollbeads to add to your jewellery and bracelet collections.

You can catch up with all our new Trollbead selections by liking our facebook page or following us on instagram

The Trollbeads story started in Denmark in 1976, it was then their first silver bead was created. Trollbeads have since then created a large collection of individual and unique pieces of Jewellery. Much of the jewellery is in the form of beautiful glass and silver beads that can be collected and worn on silver bracelets. Many of the silver beads are collected to represent events in people’s lives,. To reflect their own journeys and how they feel.

Here at Sarah Beth Jewellers we want you to have the best choice possible and have made it our mission to help our collectors to be able to select their own Trollbeads. with as much information as we can give.

If you would like any other photos or even a video of a new bead you are looking to add to your collection we are happy to send it.

Being a smaller jeweller sometimes it is difficult to have everything online.


Which Ring Setting is Best

Choosing a special ring for yourself or your loved one? Consider which design will show off that sparkly gemstone perfectly

Which ring Setting is best ?

A stone setting is so much more than a means of securing your favourite gemstone. 

When a Jeweller decides on the type of setting he is creating an integral design feature of the ring.

Whilst some gemstones require certain settings for wear ability and practicality there are ways that they can be modified.  This will help the finished look reflect a contemporary, vintage or traditionalist feel.

An experienced and creative jeweller will be able to balance both design with the best and most protective setting to show off the gemstone.

When choosing a special ring for yourself or your loved one, consider which design will show off that sparkly gemstone perfectly.


Types of Setting

The Claw  

Tanzanite & Diamond Ring  

A frequently used setting, that tends to show off faceted gemstones really well.

The claws by elevating the stone allows the facets to catch the light beautifully, making the ring an instant eye catcher.

The claw setting is most commonly used for setting larger stones and engagement rings.

Choosing a four clawed ring will give you a bigger view of the gemstone and a six claw a more secure fit.

The Channel 

Diamond Emerald Channel Set Ring

Another favourite, often used for eternity rings is the channel setting.

The best designs create a continuous effect with perfectly matched stones in both colour and size.

Using a channel with ledges cut into the edges, the jeweller is able to fold metal to grip the gemstones.

This creates a very smooth neat setting that offers more protection of the stones, it also sits beautifully between an engagement and wedding ring.


The Gypsy/Invisible

This design is popular for those that like a clean and minimal look with an unfussy finish to their jewellery.

This design of ring uses faceted gemstones or cabochons with angles at the sides.

The chosen stones are sunk into the metal so that they become flush with the ring.


Rubbed Over

Rubbed over setting ruby diamond ring

The rubbed over setting  similar to the gypsy is one of the most secure designs for rings there is.

A smooth clean finish that is very easy for the wearer, because it won’t catch or snag on their clothes.

A ring that may also suit the more active wearer because of its secure design.



The tension setting relies on the shank of the ring to hold the stone in place. It therefore only has two areas of contact to keep it in place.

This type of ring is not always recommended due to the fact that the stones may fall out easily.

Although todays methods have improved significantly the longevity of the design.
















The Right Engagement Ring

How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring


Choosing the perfect engagement ring for the person you love can be tricky – after all, they will be likely to wear it for the rest of their life. Don’t get overwhelmed, though, as there are many factors to consider that can make the task at hand that little bit easier.


Consider your partner’s style and the jewellery they wear – are they more into classic, simple styles or colourful, fashionable statement pieces? See if you can find a ring that mirrors this. Have a rummage through their jewellery collection to see if they wear more silver, gold or rose gold-hued pieces – this can help you choose the right metal for the ring.


When it comes to the actual proposal, consider your partner’s personality – do they like being the centre of attention or are they more the quiet type? For the extroverts, proposing in a romantic restaurant is a classic choice. For a more private affair, why not propose in a place that means a lot to you both but that is a bit more private, like a bench in your local park or the beach during the off-season?


If you need more tips on how to choose the perfect ring and plan the moment you pop the question, have a look at the guide below by Sainsbury’s Bank.

Sainsbury’s Bank Guide to Proposals

Amber Rose Cameo Necklace

 Cameo Rose Amber Necklace

This Cameo Rose Amber Necklace

A stunningly beautiful hallmarked sterling silver round amber rose necklace.

New in this week is this beautiful amber necklace, with a rose carved cameo inside. This lovely necklace is set in silver and hangs on a 18 inch sterling silver curb chain. The perfect gift for Christmas or an anniversary present, and could be given for a birthday present or even a treat for yourself. It comes complete with a lovely presentation box and with free delivery to the UK.

This necklace contains a fossilized tree in resin and is a semi precious gemstone  that is often used for healing.

At Sarah Beth Jewellers we have a large selection of Amber in store. We can send you images of any piece you may be interested in. Please contact us if we can help.

WikiPedia Description

WikiPedia describes Amber as Amber is fossilized tree resin, which has been appreciated for its color and natural beauty since Neolithic times.[2] Much valued from antiquity to the present as a gemstone, amber is made into a variety of decorative objects.[3] Amber is used in jewelry.  In folk medicine amber has been used for many years as a healing agent

Simply good service at Sarah Beth Jewellers, with honest traditional customer service at its heart. Here at Sarah Beth Jewellers in Rochford, we offer a money back guarantee.

If you have any questions about this product please do not hesitate to call us on 01702 548614 or email, and we will be happy to answer your queries.

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Top Tip No 1 – Knots in your Jewellery Chains


Top Tip From Alan Jeweller at Sarah Beth – Knotted Chains

This Weeks Top Tip – How to undo those annoying knots in your favourite chains

Posted by Sarah Beth Jewellers on Monday, 16 July 2018

Top Tip No 1 – Knots in your Jewellery Chains

Do your favourite Gold and Silver chains get knotted in your jewellery box, watch this short video to see how to quickly undo them.


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Tell Me About Rubies

Tell Me about Rubies

The Ruby is a magnificent gemstone

Thought to represent good fortune, courage and devotion, rubies were often used to adorn suits of armour and sword hilts.

Ruby is also the gemstone to represent the 40th Wedding Anniversary.

Rubies can be cut into Oval and cushion styles, they look fantastic when set in pendants and earrings, but princess cut and round brilliant are also popular.

They were the most popular type of gemstone to be worn in the Victorian era; often animal and bug pieces would be created and set with Rubies and diamonds.

Victorians were fascinated by this kind of jewellery

Used by royalty to ward off evil spirits, it was thought that rubies would get darker when in the company of evil and lighter again when the evil was gone.


What are Rubies?

Rubies are a highly valued gemstone, originating from metamorphic rock with chromium in it, making the red colour. They are a particularly hard stone making them more difficult to damage than some other gemstones.

These wonderful Gemstones range from pale pink to deep red, known as ‘Pigeon Blood’. Those with a deeper colour are regarded as more valuable than the paler variety.

Some of the finest Rubies come from Sri Lanka. Thailand and Cambodia produce rubies of high clarity.

Looking For That Special Gift ?

If you need help or advice about a special ring you are looking for yourself or your loved one?

At Sarah Beth Jewellers we are happy to help, we have two Jewellers with over 50 yrs experience between them ready to share their knowledge with you should you need it.

Please contact us at Sarah Beth on 01702 542005 or email

See our selection of ruby rings online

Rings are available in yellow or white gold to add to your jewellery collection




Tell Me About Sapphires

Tell me about Sapphires

Do you want your jewellery to have meaning and reflect your personality?

All gemstones have unique meaning and style, let’s talk about Sapphires.


The name Sapphire comes from the Latin word Saphirus and the Greek word Sapherios, both meaning blue.

The birthstone of September and the stone used to celebrate the 45th wedding anniversary.

Treasured since 800bc Sapphires are from the same family as Rubies. Ancient Persians believed that these beautiful blue gemstones  made the sky blue as a reflection of their colour.

Also said to be the stone of wisdom loyalty honesty and devotion, adding positivity to the life of its owner.

Often popular with royalty as legend says it will attract wealth and protect them from envy and infidelity.

What are Sapphires

Today’s Sapphires come from Asia and are generally lighter blue in colour, than earlier ones.  Whilst 20 yrs ago they were more popular in a darker almost black / blue colour and naturally mined from Australasia.

They are among the hardest gemstones rated 9/10 on the scale with only diamonds being harder.  The scale relates to its scratch ability, in terms of what that means to the owner is its risk of being scratched with general wear and tear.  So sapphires although not indestructible should remain sparkling for many years because of their durability.

Sapphires come from the corundum mineral, corundum is red and known as a ruby gemstone. But with the addition of iron and titanium, the rich blue colour of a sapphire is developed.

The rarest of these gemstones originate from Sri Lanka, they are called Padparadscha and are orange and pink in colour. They also come in other colours, like pink and yellow.

Prince Charles gave Princess Diana one of the most famous Sapphire rings, on their engagement. Then more recently Prince William gave the same ring to his wife Kate the Duchess of Cambridge.

View our featured Sapphire pendant




We are taking bookings for our next exciting Trollbeads making day.
Our last Trollbeads event was so successful we have nicely persauded Julie to do 2 weekends for us.

Have a Glass bead to add to your collection made here at Sarah Beth by Trollbeads talented bead maker.

This exciting event is very popular with all our Trollbead lovers, come along and watch brilliant the process of creating glass beads, meet other addicted collectors and have a coffee on us.

Our visiting artist Julie Fountain is a fab bead maker as well as being a talented jewellery designer. All Troll glass beads are created using  Murano glass imported from Italy, handmade in front of a red hot flame.

You can come and watch the beads being made and have your very own unique creation to add to your story.

Sarah Beth is a very friendly jewellers that has good service and honesty at its heart, so you can expect a warm welcome and an unpressured environment.

We are expecting these events to be very busy so book now to avoid disappointment. If you would like any other information don’t hesitate to call or email us, we will be happy to help.

If you need expert advice about your own collection Alan our very experienced Jewellers is the font of all knowledge when it comes to Trollbeads.

Dates available to book are Friday 11th May Saturday 12th May and Friday the 9th, Saturday the 10th November.


Trollbeads Lampworker Day 2016 Sarah Beth Jewellers Rochford

Last years fab Trollbeads day – have you booked you place on this years 17th &18th November -have your own bead made. MESSAGE US FOR MORE DETAILS

Posted by Sarah Beth Jewellers on Wednesday, 8 November 2017

selection of amber designed trollbeads

Amber Trollbeads Day

Amber Trollbeads Day Friday 15th & Saturday 16th December 2017

10am to 4pm in store

24 West St Rochford SS4 1AJ

Sarah Beth Jewellers are very happy to announce that we are to hold Amber Trollbeads Days

We are Proud to be 1 of only 3 venues across the country to host this special event.

We are addicted to Trollbeads as are many of our customers, and so very excited about this event.

Amber is beautiful, created by Mother Nature over millions of years; married with man has become a very sort after Gemstone, Each piece is unique in its colouring and texture, ranging from pale to deep tones.

Trollbeads have a lovely collection of Designed, Carved and Jumbo beads. With lots of different creations among them including flowers, ladybugs, scarabs and animal prints.

They can make a fab focal point in a bracelet, or as an individual statement piece on a pendant or bangle; make it your own design it your way be unique.

Chris Willetts head of the UK sales team will be with us on the Friday (15th December), happy to feed your addiction and knowledge about this exquisite collection.

We would love to see you on either of the advertised dates, there is no pressure to add to your collection, just pop past and have a coffee with us and have a look and a chat.