Tell Me About Rubies


A magnificent gemstone

Thought to represent good fortune, courage and devotion, rubies were often used to adorn suits of armour and sword hilts. 

Ruby is also the gem to represent the 40th wedding anniversary. 

Oval and cushion cut rubies look fantastic when set in pendants and earrings, but princess cut and round brilliant are also popular.

They were the most popular type of gem to be worn in the Victorian era; often animal and bug pieces would be created and set with Rubies and diamonds. 

Victorians were fascinated by this kind of jewellery

Used by royalty to ward off evil spirits, it was thought that rubies would get darker when in the company of evil and lighter again when it was gone.


What are Rubies?

Rubies are a highly valued gemstone, originating from metamorphic rock with chromium in it, making the red colour. They are a particularly hard stone making them more difficult to damage than some other gemstones.

They range from pale pink to deep royal looking red known as ‘Pigeon Blood’ those with a deeper colour are regarded to be more valuable than the paler variety.

Some of the finest Rubies come from Sri Lanka, with those from Thailand and Cambodia producing rubies of high clarity.

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