King's Shilling Polished Pewter Tankard - With Engraving

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King's Shilling Polished Pewter Tankard

Engraved with up to 3 initials in script

1 Pint

Traditional gift

Here we have a traditional pint pewter tankard with a polished finish.

It has the King's Shilling in the bottom of it to stop the drinker being Press Ganged into service.

Having a glass bottom with the pesky coin in the bottom. View through the grog so they don't end up drinking from the tankard, then it would be too late. When they have had a few too many you don't want to loose them to the sea. taking the King's Shilling was like an old fashioned handshake with the devious recruiting parties, praying on the young drinkers that had over indulged. When a gang was looking for a crew to join the Royal Navy they would often go into the ale houses to search for suitable able bodied men. They then offered to buy their new drunken friend a pint of beer. Unseen to their weary eyes they dropped a shilling into the tankard of beer. once they had drunk all the ale the very poor victim was judged to have "accepted" the King's Shilling and their fate was sealed and they had "volunteered" to join and serve in the Royal Navy and had lost their freedom. So to try to keep one step ahead of the press gangs for the regular drinkers the landlords came up with this ingenious method of having a glass bottom to the drinkers tankard. Before they picked up their mug of ale they would look through the murky grog and if they saw a round shadow at the bottom then they would not drink from the tankard. So that they did not receive or accept their new gift.

Measuring 5 inches in height

Measuring 3.75 inches in dimeter at the bottom

Measuring 3.25 inches in dimeter at the top

This pewter tankard is suitable to be engraved. Having an oval section to the front and plain in all other areas. And can be given as the perfect gift for a best man's present, father of the groom present or usher's present, a birthday, an anniversary present or simply a treat for yourself, with free delivery to UK

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Mark - Surrey

Great pewter tankard

Lovely design, comfortable handle, fun with the shilling in the base and a little note with the tankard explaining the history,