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The Trollbeads story at Sarah Beth Jewellers -

We have been selling Trollbeads for 8 years and have many collectors amongst our customers are addicted to the brand. having originated in Copenhagen Denmark in 1976 by silversmith and designer Soren, Trollbeads have gone on to be a worldwide success.

The Nielsen and Aagaard family still continue to participate in the sculpture and production of the beads.

In fact they were the only designers of Trollbeads until the year 2000.
it was then to add to the diversity and variation 10 Danish artists and designers became involved, designing there own signature bead to add to the collections.

2001 was when the first glass beads were added, adding much greater diversity and colour to the collections.
in the families usual attention to detail they use Italian murano glass so as to produce the most vibrant colours possible.

Today the uniqueness of Trollbeads continues and is driven by its focus on customer wants and wishes. as well as the contribution of over 90 talented designers working to create pieces with the highest quality materials.

Here at Sarah Beth we want you to have the best choice possible and have made it our mission to help our collectors to be able to select their Trollbeads with as much information as we can give.

If you would like any other photos or even a video of a new bead you are looking to add to your collection we are happy to send it.

Being a smaller jeweller sometimes it is difficult to have everything on line.

So if you are unable to see what you are looking for please contact us at or 01702 548614

Looking after your Trollbeads

Glass beads
Each glass Trollbead is a unique work of art, and each one has been with care and love.
to care for your glass use a lint free cloth and gently polish. don't use any cleaning products as these will damage your beads.

Keeping your glass trollbeads at their best
Avoid where possible contact with perfumes, soaps, hair lacquer and cosmetics. its always best to put your precious collection on after you have finished getting ready, to protect them from getting damaged.

You should never swim whilst wearing your glass trollbeads, chlorinated water can be very damaging. the resin settings will be damaged if you immerse them in hot water or seawater. so always best to remove them when washing up.

Caring for silver 
To prevent oxidization when not using your beads it is best to store them in an airtight bag.
gentle polishing with a silver cloth will keep them at their best.

If you are wearing silver beads on a gold chain sometimes the the silver deposits a small amount of tarnish onto the gold. by gentle buffing the chain with a polishing cloth will remove the tarnish, returning to their original sparkle.

Caring for copper
Copper is a lovely metal that changes over time, rating to your body, giving it more appeal. a clean in soapy water and then drying with a soft cloth, or using a  little copper polish will help to keep clean and shining.

The trollbeads mantra
As artists we seek to express beauty through all that is magical, mystical and whimsical in the world around us so that others may find self-expression and enjoyment through our work .

As craftsmen we seek to create jewellery from nature's finest and most durable materials, constructed of the highest quality - so that our work is considered the standard of excellence.

As an enterprise we seek to engage with those who share ur vision, our passion and ideals, and to transact honestly with all - so that we are known as a company with a soul.