Gemstone Jewellery for Birth Months

Gemstone Jewellery for Birth Months

The Giving of Birthstone Jewellery

Many of us celebrate the birthdays of our loved ones by giving jewellery, necklaces earrings, and bracelets with gemstones that represent their birth month. This tradition appeals to many age groups nationalities and genders, making it a great sentimental idea for a gift that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Sapphire is the birthstone for September

Coming from the Greek word Sappheiros, sapphires have been valued by cultures for many thousands of years.
Known for its beautiful blue colour, Sapphires come in many other colours, like pink and yellow, the rarest is an orange-pink colour called the Padparadscha, which originates from Sri Lanka.
This beautiful gemstone is from the same family as rubies and has been treasured since 800 BC, believed by ancient Persians to make the sky blue as a reflection of its colour.
It is also said to be the stone that reflects wisdom loyalty honesty and devotion, by adding positivity to the life of its owner.
Often popular with royalty as legend says these precious stones will attract wealth and protect them from envy and infidelity.


So where did this tradition of creating and wearing gemstone jewellery representing our birth month originate from?

According to the International Gem Society, it has roots dating back to biblical times as well as Hindu origins. A breastplate worn by Aaron, an Israelite high priest was decorated with 12 gemstones representing the 12 tribes of Israel. This was hundreds of years later connected to the 12 months of the year and the zodiac signs, whereby each stone was worn during its appropriate month. It was then believed that the precious stone held special powers and protective qualities.

Similarly in Hindu culture, the stones are thought to represent status harmony, and wealth.

In 1912 the modern-day list of gemstones was born by the then American National Association of Jewellers. Then 1937 was the year in which Britain’s National Association of Goldsmiths list of birthstones was created.


Although most of us associate birthstones with the month of our birth, gems are also historically connected to the signs of the zodiac, as well as the days of the week.

Sapphires are the stones for Taurus and the birthday of Saturday.

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