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Insurance and Probate Valuations

Sarah Beth can offer valuation certificates for probate or insurance purposes. Including a photograph of your item, a valuation from Sarah Beth Jewellers can be a great way of itemising your jewellery and watches for your needs. In the unfortunate event of loss or damage we can also offer repair or replacement values for insurance companies.


Jewellery Valuations

Why do I need my jewellery valued you may ask?

Its important for your insurance to have a record of your treasured jewellery collection.

Don’t put off a valuation, often people think it is something they should do, but life gets in the way and they don’t get around to it.

Many people are very surprised at the increase in value of their collection.

Its important to have a reasonably current valuation.


  • To check that you are not under insured

Due to a big increase in precious metal prices in recent years, many households are under insured.

Most people are shocked when they realise how much their treasured collections have increased in value.

Many insures ask for any item valued at over £1500 to be recorded separately.

You may need a probate valuation as part of the process of valuing an estate. ( see note below )

You may need this kind of valuation when either party cannot agree on the settlement.

  • To prove ownership in event of theft

If the worst happens and your jewellery collection gets stolen, the last thing you want is problems with your insurer due to lack of information about the items in question.


Sarah Beth Jewellers Valuation

Jewellery Valuation Services Sarah Beth Jewellers

At Sarah Beth our expert will value your collection using many years of experience.

Your jewellery will be fully insured while on the premises.

Take time to record and photograph each piece individually.

Make a complete record.

Hold the record on file for you in a secure environment.

Be able to update the values of your jewellery at regular intervals when you require at a small cost, generally every 3 years.


*Probate valuations are slightly different to insurance valuations.

They relate to the sale value of the jewellery at the time of probate - see probate link


In all the above cases our valuer will approach the situation with care and understanding.


Sarah Beth Jewellers in Rochford, Essex offers a host of services in store.
Specializing in Wedding, engagement and eternity rings, we also offer many other services:-
From insurance and probate valuations to pearl re-stringing, ring sizing, jewellery cleaning. we have a reliable team of skilled and veryexperienced jewellery repairers, as well as an engraving service.

We have a jewellers located in Rochford town square, easily accessible with local parking contact one of our team of experienced and friendly people who will offer you a traditional customer service experience.

Our advice is based on years of experience, and will always be honest and practical. If you have queries on a service you do not see listed here, please contact us.

Watch Repairs and Battery Replacements

Sarah Beth Jewellers offers an on site battery replacement service that in most cases can be completed while you wait for only £6.50.

Water resistant/divers watches are recommended to be re-sealed after a battery replacement, this service is also available at Sarah Beth Jewellers.

As a jewellers we also offer a range of services from servicing of quartz, mechanical and automatic movements, to glass replacement, supplying and fitting new crowns and much more

We also offer strap and bracelet replacements on site for most watches.

Watch Link Adjustment Shortening

If the bracelet of your watch requires shortening, we can be adjust it for you in store for £10.00.


Jewellery Repairs and Cleaning Service

Sarah Beth Jewellers offers a wide range of jewellery repairs, from re sizing rings, replacing lost stones from diamonds to synthetic stones, repairing worn items, rhodium plating white gold and much more...... Our staff will always give honest advice and will happily provide estimates for larger or more unusual jobs at no charge. Why not get in touch to find out what we can do for you.


Pearl and Bead Re-Stringing

From knotted rows to multiple strings of graduated pearls, Sarah Beth offers a re-stringing service for any kind of pearl or bead jewellery. We can also offer new clasps and replace missing pearls.


Ring Cutting Off

We are able to remove rings that have become stuck behind the knuckle or if the finger has become swollen, providing the skin is unbroken underneath the ring.

Once your finger has healed, we are able to arrange repair and resizing within our jewellery workshop.

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