Collection: Christening Gifts

We have a great range of Silver, Silver Plated and Pewter Christening Gifts. From clocks and trinket boxes to first tooth and first curl boxes as well photo frames, for boys and girls. There are lots of different designs to choose from, there are animals trains, prams boats all amongst our collection. Also available a great choice of baby bangles in sterling silver for little children. As well as Jewellery silver crosses Guardian Angel pendants and the Star of David. All the sterling silver Christening gifts are hallmarked. There are also silver plate and pewter designs for you to choose from. These lovely silver christening gifts are ideal to be given by Godparents, grandparents and friends and will be kept and treasured for many years. In order to make your gift more special, you may like the child's name, of birth date and details engraved on your chosen piece. We can provide an engraving service in order to personalise them. Making your present that little bit extra special and remembered. You never know it may even be passed down through the generations. They are also suitable to be given for presents at birth, special birthdays, and baptisms