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Jade Jewellery 

Jade has been used for jewellery for thousands of years. When teamed with silver or gold, or set with diamonds it is a fabulous gemstone to add to anyone's jewellery collection. Although it is known generally to be green it actually comes in many different colours. The most popular and well known is green which when polished and cleaned is translucent and shines. Sets and individual pieces are often created as necklaces pendants earrings brooches and bracelets. 


Apart from being a beautiful stone, the properties of Jade are very unique. Known for its benefits in gemstone therapy and supporting the life of the wearer - helping with creativity and harmony. This is because the stone is believed to help the wearer feel more self-confidant and self-reliant.  It is worn most commonly around the neck to be close to the heart for spiritual support. Having a strong base in healing providing a feeling of calm and inner peace, and rid one of negativity. So if you are looking to purchase a piece of jewellery for a loved one or yourself you have the added benefits of all it has to offer with regard to health and well being.

How to clean and care for your Jade Jewellery

Jade is a polished stone so its best not to wear it when showering or swimming, as this will cause it to loose its shine. Simply clean with a soft damp cloth and dry with another, then you can polish the silver ( or gold) with a polishing cloth.


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Known for its benefits in gemstone therapy in supporting the life of the wearer - helping with creativity and harmony.