Collection: Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl Jewellery

Mother of pearl jewellery is loved for its iridescent sheen and is an effortless way to add a feminine finish to any outfit.

Otherwise known as nacre its a creation of the inner layer of shells like oysters and mussels, it forms a reflective layer. 


Mother of Pearl itself was believed by the Egyptians to have mystical powers, as did the Romans who used it extensively in their jewellery creations.

Popular in the Victorian era where it was used for Jewellery making, furniture and buttons. Most recognisable as the buttons worn by pearly Kings and Queens. In the late 1870's a street sweeper named Henry Croft used Mother of Pearl buttons to decorate his trousers. This was in order to attract attention to his fund raising activities for the poor.

The 1940's Art Deco was another era when this fabulous shell was popular, used especially for creating Necklaces Brooches and earrings.

How to clean Mother of Pearl Jewellery

Mother of pearl is relatively delicate so its important to care for it properly. Avoid harsh chemicals instead simply wipe with a soft cloth, use a mild soapy liquid if required. If the silver or gold part of the piece need cleaning use a jewellery cleaning cloth on those areas only.


Mother of Pearl Jewellery has been popular for centuries, and has been created in many styles to suit individual needs. Always a good choice for a timeless and elegant look.

At Sarah Beth we have a small but distinctive range of Mother of Pearl jewellery, including bracelets, necklaces and earrings.