Jewellery Probate Valuations

Valuation of Jewellery for Probate

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Why would I need a jewellery valuation for probate?

Especially at a time of great sadness & loss


This becomes necessary when someone dies and a value of that person’s estate is needed for the probate application, and the executor needs to provide evidence of values.


In this case it is important to understand that there are different levels of value when it comes to jewellery -


The first is the current retail value that is recorded when completing an insurance report. so that the possessions that you may have lost or have been stolen can be replaced.


The next as is appropriate in probate is the value your jewellery would achieve when sold on the open market – for instance at an auction or may be sold to a jewellers for second-hand sale.


A Sarah Beth Jewellers Probate Valuation


At Sarah Beth our expert will

Value your collection using many years of experience.

Confirm your jewellery will be fully insured while on the premises.

Take time to record and photograph each piece individually.

Make a complete record.

Hold the record on file for you in a secure environment.


In all cases our valuer will always deal with the situation with understanding compassion and sensitivity.