Collection: Marcasite

Marcasite Jewellery

We have a lovely range of Marcasite jewellery in this section, necklace pendants, earrings, rings brooches and bracelets. An understated style of jewellery that when the light catches the facets on the stone sparkles just enough to catch attention. Set in sterling silver often with pearls onyx and coloured enamels creating wonderfully complex designs.This very unique style was very popular in the Victorian era, favoured by Queen Victoria. It was then the designers of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco time that this beautiful and sophisticated jewellery began to be produced in pieces that reflected nature. Those designs are still popular today, birds like peacocks and butterflies dogs cats and leaves to name but a few. Ideally this type of jewellery should not be over cleaned so its old world antique look remains, just softly polish with cloth to keep a piece at its best