Collection: Murano Glass

We offer an exclusive collection of Genuine Murano Glass Jewellery. Handmade using traditional methods from studios in Italy, created by Artisans tutored by the master glass makers on the island of Murano and Venice.

A beautiful contemporary range of individually handmade pieces from selected makers.

Mia Elizabeth jewellery is influenced by the colours of Venice its rich elegance, the faded facades of centuries old buildings that hold the secrets of another era. Where women were draped in sumptuous velvets, silks and sparkling jewels.

Mia Elizabeths jewellerys aim is to offer our clients collections of stunning vibrant costume jewellery.

Using hand made Italian Murano glass perfected over centuries. Famous for its purity Murano glass jewellery has a deep jewel like quality that looks wonderful against the skin. Together with handmade collections of genuine crystal jewellery, using the Swarovski crystal elements bead range, finished with sterling silver. We offer a sparkling range of jewellery suitable for special occasion

A Little History

Murano glass jewellery, mirrors and sculpture, according to historians began its life in Rome. Indeed glass furnaces have been discovered in Venice dating back to the 8th century. Venice is documented by the 1200s to be emerging as a significant glass manufacturer providing the citys largest industry. Crafting a large collection of glass objects from sculpture to Jewellery.

The glass produced in Venice and Murano island is very much interwoven.

In 1291 all Venices furnaces were moved to the island of Murano, for fear that the wooden buildings were at risk of fire and destruction. That its reputation as a unique centre for glass making was born.

Artisans working on the island of Murano were afforded many privilages including immunity from prosecution.

As well as allowing talented Murano Glass makers Daughters to marry into affluent Venetian families. In exchange for these rewards glassmakers were not allowed to leave the republic of Murano. Leaving the lagoon meant  risk of death or having their hands cut off.

All our Murano Glass Jewellery comes with a money back guarantee so that you can be sure of its quality and individuality. Browse our online shop or contact us at Sarah Beth Jewellers for further details.