The Sapphire Gemstone is so pretty

The Sapphire Gemstone is so pretty

The name Sapphire comes from the Latin word Saphirus and the Greek word Sapherios, both meaning blue.

The birthstone of September and the stone used to celebrate the 45th wedding anniversary

This beautiful gemstone from the same family as rubies and treasured since 800 bc, believed by ancient Persians to make the sky blue as a reflection of its colour.

 Also said to be the stone that reflects wisdom loyalty honesty and devotion, adding positivity to the life of its owner.

Often popular with royalty as legend says it will attract wealth and protect them from envy and infidelity.

 What are Sapphires

Today's Sapphires come from Asia and are generally lighter blue in colour. Whilst 20 years ago they were more popular in a darker almost black / blue colour and naturally mined from Australasia.

 They are among the hardest gemstones rated 9/10 on the scale with only diamonds being harder. The scale relates to its scratch ability, in terms of what that means to the owner is its risk of being scratched with general wear and tear. So sapphires although not indestructible should remain sparkling for many years because of their durability, and can be worn on a daily basis without fear of spoiling.

Sapphires come from the corundum mineral, corundum is red and known as a ruby gemstone, but with the addition of iron and titanium, the rich blue colour of a sapphire is developed.


Sapphires come in many other colours, like pink and yellow, the rarest is an orange pink colour called the Padparadscha and originates from Sri Lanka

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