The versatility and history of Brooches

The versatility and history of Brooches

The brooch is the most versatile piece of jewellery you can own, with a long history.

Brooches have the ability to express your style, right through to the expression of the latest fashion statement. 

Whether the brooch you are wearing is an air loom inherited from a beloved Parent, Grandparent or a piece spotted in your local jewellers you just had to have.

This accessory offers a variety of ways to wear from pinning it it to your coat lapel to styling a scarf a belt, handbag, or necklace.

Brooches can elevate your look while adding a touch of individuality and history if you so wish. They can be used to reflect your mood or communicate a little about yourself.

They can be found in a myriad of styles including some of the styles shown below 




Pin two or three together to maybe just the one is more reflective of your particular and sophisticated style.

Whatever you decide you can most have fun with this traditional piece of jewellery, that has been around for centuries and is most definitely making a strong comeback in 2023  

What is the history of brooches you may ask?

Brooches have been documented as far back as the bronze age, they started  life in a mostly practical way, being used to fix or secure an item of clothing. 

With the event of more workable tools craftsmen began to improve the look of these pins and clips making them much more decorative, as well as functional.

They have been used throughout history to indicate class and status. In fact a special set of brooches originally collected by Queen Victoria are handed down through the monarchy, and must only be worn by Queens or the Kings royal consort. Amongst the collection is a the Cullinan Diamond brooch known to be the most valuable Diamond in the world.

The late Queen Elizabeth ll had a great love of brooches and wore them always, she had many admirers and many of them wished to emulate her style. 

25 of the Queens most valuable brooches

So in conclusion a brooch can become part of your style be it understated or a unique statement, as important as all your other accessories

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