Topaz & Citrine Novembers Birthstone

Topaz & Citrine Novembers Birthstone

Topaz & Citrine Birthstone Jewellery

Both Topaz and Citrine are gemstones that represent the birthstone for November. With the colour for Novembers birthstone being orange or golden brown, Citrine is often used today as much of Topaz is heat treated to a beautiful blue colour.

Much of the beliefs and folklore about Topaz and Citrine overlap, and although vastly different historically the two have almost merged.


Topaz is a crystalline mineral that forms in the gap and cervices of igneous rocks, those that are formed from molten rock or lava.

Topaz comes from the Spanish word Tapas meaning fire. Its natural colour being a yellow orange or golden-brown colour. Clean stones are thought to be the most desirable, although slight variations known as inclusions can often add interest to the piece.


Folklore and Legends

Topaz has different meanings to many cultures,

African Shamans believed the gemstone to be sacred and used it during healing rituals. Also feeling that those that held the stone would become rich.

  Whilst Ancient Greeks felt that the gemstone would give its wearers strength, the Europeans linked it to the God of sun

It was believed in India that Topaz would assure long life beauty intelligence and wisdom.

Topaz has been used through the generations for treating medical conditions,  protecting homes, safety, helping with mood and bring love.

 (of course whether it worked or not is left to the imagination)

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The other birthstone for November is of course Citrine, the lovely bright lemon gemstone comes in Autumn hues from yellow to orange.

Once called Brazilian Topaz, the majority of todays Citrine comes from Brazil, and is often a heat-treated Amethyst, but other sources of natural Citrine are Spain Madagascar Uruguay Bolivia, and Mexico.

Much of Victorian Citrine jewellery is created from the natural yellow gemstone, this can be seen specifically in Scottish Victorian pieces.

Its name is derived the French word Citron meaning lemon, clearly because of its beautiful sunny colour.


Folklore and Legends

Known as the stone of success, for bringing new beginnings and prosperity, Citrine is also believed to bring many qualities to its wearer. These include a calming comforting feeling supporting digestion and helping with seasonal affective disorder.

Ancient Egyptians believed it would give them good health,and known as the merchant stone it was regarded as the bringer of wealth.

Whilst those in the Middle Ages felt that this gemstone would repel negative energies.

So this stone like many others because of its beauty has not only to been used to adorn its wearers, in the form of beautiful pieces of jewellery, any believed it could protect support and lift the soul.

Its up to you to decide what you believe.

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