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Turquoise Birthstone Jewellery

Turquoise known as the good luck gemstone, and is one of the world’s most ancient gems. Nominated by the National association of jewellers in 1908 as the birthstone for December, making it the traditional choice for that month.


Turquoise occurs in Stone when copper forming veins come into contact with acidic water. Its colour varies from Sky blue to green depending on the quantity of iron and copper. It is opaque to semi translucent and found in China Russia and Iran as well as Southern California, Arizona, Colorado Nevada and New Mexico. It is also found much nearer to home in Cornwall (England). The sky-blue version comes from Iran, and is regarded as the most desirable, whilst Tibet is the home of a greener variety.



These lovely gems name Turkish stone originates from the French phase Pierre tourques.

The earliest known evidence of Turquoise has been found in Egyptian tomb stones; in fact, it was one of the first ever gemstones to be mined. The Egyptians used this lovely stone for inlay as well as for making jewellery, necklaces, and rings.

The Chinese used it for carving more than 3000 years ago. Whilst in the 17th century the Venetians were the first people in Europe to sell Turquoise.

In the south west of the united states Native Americans tribes used it in their jewellery, as well as during ceremonies.


Beliefs and Legends.

Ancient Persians ( now Iran ) believed that Turquoise changed colour to warn them of danger or illness approaching. Whilst others believe that it is a calm and friendly stone that radiates tranquillity.


Many Native American tribes have been using this lovely gem for over 2000 years, believing it to represent life and the colours of the earth sky and water. Using it spiritually for healing and good luck.


It has long been cherished for bringing luck peace and protection.

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