Why Do We All Love To Wear Jewellery ?

Why Do We All Love To Wear Jewellery ?

Why do we all love wearing jewellery?

The idea that jewellery can be an expression of our style and character is rooted in history and cultures that goes back hundreds of years.

An expression of character and style

Jewellery has always beeen used as an expression of a persons unique and different personal style. We all have our own way of expressing ourselves, whether its through clothes cars jewellery or our own personal beliefs.  

That individuality can be shown through jewellery, often bold jewellery may indicate a personality thats confident and expressive.Whilst small more delicate collections may display a more understated and quiet nature.


Often carrying symbolic meaning, jewellery is used to represent significant milestones in our lives.

For example a religous pendant like a cross may signify our faith or sprituality. Whilst a engagement or wedding ring symbolizes a promise of committment and love. Then significant anniversaries are often marked with the giving of a ring.

Jewellery can carry with it a memory of an acheivement or serve as a reminder of the love and care in a family. 

By daily wearing of these pieces people can have these sentiments with them wherever they go.


Enhancing Self-Confidence

Wearing jewellery can help a person feel more confident, it has the power to create feelings of self worth. this doesnt mean it needs to be overly expensive, just evolve a more polished put together look.

That a person is ready, ready to take on the day

Social Significance

Jewellery has always and still does play a vital role in communicating our beliefs,and have great cultural significance. They are used to play a role in traditional ceremonies, indeed in the Hindu world a nose ornament means that a women is of marrying age, whilst necklaces represent prosperity and protection.


Royalty have long standing traditions and ceremonies that use significant pieces of jewellery like crowns, septres and neck adornments that are heavily decorated with precious gemstones.

In connection to ones heritage adornments are often seen as an important of part of thieir life story and identity.


Investment and Status

For some people jewellery is used as a symbol of status as well as an investment. People feel wearing luxury jewellery a reminder of success wealth and social standing. Additionally, fine jewellery made form precious gemstones teamed with quality gold often increases in value over time.

Reseans for wearing jewellery are manifold. whether it be a fashion statement, an act of belonging or a symbol of wealth, it has held a place in our hearts and our lives thoughout time.




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